As Beautiful As You


We can’t jump off bridges anymore because our iPhones will get ruined. We can’t take skinny dips in the ocean, because there’s no service on the beach and adventures aren’t real unless they’re on Instagram. Technology has doomed the spontaneity of adventure and we’re helping destroy it every time we Google, check-in, and hashtag.

—Jeremy Glass, We Can’t Get Lost Anymore.  (via hell0andreas)

(Source: her0inchic, via hardfemmewanderlust)

I’ve always had a lot of anxiety, but it’s good to have a little fear. I managed to stir up that anxious energy to do stuff - to play music, to cook food and be creative - but if you have trouble sleeping and carrying stuff on your shoulders, you kind of want to run away from yourself.

—Kristian Matsson (via lonehands)